Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Autograph Katsup

Autograph catch up...get it?

Matt Beaumont played 7 seasons in the Angels minors from 1994-2000 after playing for Team USA while attending Ohio State.  Matt signed these cards in 24 days via a private contact.

Current Mariner employee Jaime Navarro signed these in 108 days.
Navarro is the Mariners bullpen coach.

Gary Ward signed these 3 set cards for me in 57 days via the Birmingham Barons.

Angels Owner Arte Moreno graciously signed a business card for me and answered a couple questions in 43 days sent to the Angels front office.
I'm liking collecting signed Angels business cards.

Umpire Rick Reed took 9 days to sign these set checklist cards from his home in Rochester, MI.
This was the second time I sent these.  I had to explain that it wasn't a mistake and that I actually wanted him to sign them.

Umpire Terry Cooney was on the crew for Ryans 3rd no-hitter (a game my Dad was at) and signed these in 9 days from his home in Clovis, CA.

Another Ryan no-hitter umpire was Don Denkinger who signed these in 36 days from his home in Waterloo, Iowa.

Umpire Bill Haller kept my checklist cards but included this signed photocard in 7 days from his home in Brownstown, IL.  Oh well.

You never know what you'll get back.
Umpire Jim Evans was a part of 3 no-hitters for Angels or former Angels.
He decided to sign the BACK of these cards.
Oh well again.
9 days from his Umpiring Academy.

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  1. It's funny Jim signed the back of the cards. I like the "plate umpire" inscription on the Ryan.

    I attended Jim's academy, but I never thought to get anything signed by him then.