Thursday, August 15, 2013

This Week In Baseball (Mail)

John Russell 20 days care of the Baltimore Orioles.
Looks like different pens on each.  
I wonder if he has a stack of presigned cards he just swaps out.

Bill Long ballpoint-penned me!
A bit hard to see but it counts as a success for my 1991 Upper Deck collection.
19 days from his home in Cincy, OH.

Umpire Vic Voltaggio was on the crew of the Langston/Witt no-hitter in 1990.
He ballpointed me but in a good way...boldly in a light, blank space.
He also answered questions...did you know he's had 9 knee and 2 back surgery as a result of umpiring?
Brutal profession.
61 days from Spring Hill, FL.

Dustin Hermanson said his nickname was Hermdog and was known for his facial hair.
59 days from Scottsdale, AZ.

Ed Vosberg swapped out the 1991 Line Drive AAA card I sent with these 4 cards.
4 for 1 is not bad, but I kinda would rather have my one Line Drive back.
Did anyone else happen to get it?
59 days from Tucson, AZ.

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