Sunday, September 8, 2013

But I Only Wanted The One

Just another example of having to buy a lot on Listia for just one card.

The seller had a lot of nine Angels cards, the bait and the headliner being the Rod Carew cards.
I already have all the cards shown here but what I really wanted was this...

What a beauty of a logo card!
And well worth the 425 or so credits I bid.
And being the ONLY bidder she's now mine!

Apart from the awesome eye-catching designs by Pacific, the next best thing is the Spanish.

I took four years of high school Spanish, let's see if I can translate without looking down at the English translation:

"In 1995, the Angels contracted with a destitute alien, who sent one of the two soiled pieces of equipment  of the more than 800 career anecdotes.  They terminated the temporary empathy with the equipment of Seattle who had the title to the division of the American League, but perdition ensued in the playoff with the Mariners." 

I nailed the perdition part!
I remember well that one game playoff.



  1. Way to ace that translation.

    I've bid on 9-card lots for one card many a time.

  2. Hahaha, that's awesome. (Or should I say JaJaJa) And still way better than I could have done. Muy Bien!