Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Few Things, But Not Everything, From The LCS

Went to the LCS and had a little time to dig through the randoms boxes.  
Ended up with about a two inch stack, mostly of Angels, but it's not the Angels I'm gonna show you.
I'm gonna show you the other stuff.
And that's because my daughter was on the computer with the scanner, so I went ahead and put all the Angels into their respective sleeves in the binders.
So here I am later, and all I have left to scan is the "other" stuff.

Wally is still looking youthful on this 1996 Upper Deck and 1996 Pinnacle Summit 10 years into his 16 year career, and his first with the Padres.  After 4 years in San Diego, he had two more in Atlanta.
He finally made it to the World Series in 1998, unfortunately the Padres lost to the Yankees.

Picked up a random assortment of Topps All-Star insert cards.
Only 1 of the 7 turned out to be a dupe, so he doesn't get to be shown.
I love the Bobby Doerr Captain card.
Check him out, hand over his heart.

Jim Abbott 1995 Collectors Choice SE.
This is the season after he no-hit the Indians.
Think about that, a one-handed pitcher throwing a no-hitter.

Two cards I need for non-Angels sets I'm putting together.
Though I'm not counting the sepia set towards the completion of 2006 Fleer Tradition, I'll still pick them up when I see them.
And I added another 2008 Upper Deck Timeline to that massive set.

Okay, here's a few Angels I didn't put into binders yet.
A nice little selection of minor league cards.
Uh...I just looked up the Arkansas Travelers for the Steve Fanning card and it appears they were a Cardinals affiliate in 1993.  They didn't become an Angels Affiliate until 2001.
The red threw me off.
My bad.


  1. FYI - Steve Fanning's greatest achievement in life wasn't a pro ballplayer, but being a father to two sisters [Dakota and Elle] who eventually became actresses.

  2. Huh. Haven't heard the name Darren Blakely in awhile. Lots of good stuff here.