Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Note Said, "I Hope You Enjoy These."


Play at the Play already knows what I like.
He didn't have to hope I would enjoy these, because he already knew that I would.
He was being silly.

All from 2013, a year I have been severely lagging in random pack baseball card purchases.

Chasing History Autograph Nick Maronde.
Nick signed the sticker but looks like he wasn't sure how to spell his name.

The back says a Topps representative witnesses the signing, but I wonder, is the sticker ON the card when they sign it?

Oooh, Mark Trumbo on-card autograph from Gypsy Queen.
Mark not only signed his name but he actually TOUCHED this card!
I'll never wash it.

The only Pinnacle I have from this year is the handful of Angels folks have sent me.

Nary a pack of Chrome have been torn by me either.
This Pujols is a blue refractor numbered 030/199.
Albert will have a big year in 2014.
I can feel it.

And this Chrome red refracter is an even more scarce 18/25.
I enjoy, I so much enjoy.

Is it a piece of a jersey, or a piece of a base?
Oh, its a piece of a jersey in the shape of a base!
The cartoon on the back states that "Players in the clubhouse often chewed Bazooka gum!"

Nice to know.

Awesome stuff Brian, thanks.

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