Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cards From...From...Uh...

I had to dig through the waste basket though to get the note, which I usually leave with the cards until I get them scanned and posted.
Something went awry.

Anyhow, got a nice lot of  recent Angels cards
with a special bonus.

And here's the bonus:

An autographed 1978 Topps Jim Fregosi.

OK, raise your hand if you're old enough to have seen Fregosi play in person.
(My hand is up)

Raise your hand if you actually SAW Fregosi play.
(My hand is part way up.  I might have seen him but don't remember.  I would have been 7 in his final season with the Angels, and whether I saw him when the Rangers visited is possible but I wouldn't know.)

Raise your hand if you knew he played for the Pirates.
(My hand is not up.
I always forget about this one)

Sweet card (his last as a player) with Jim zoning into space pondering his future, or even if he'll get an at-bat today.


  1. Hand raised.
    Hand half-raised (my first years of viewing baseball were '77 and '78 and he had so few at-bats those years).
    Hand raised (baseball cards taught me well!)

  2. Hand Raised,
    Um Hand Lowered, didn't go to any MLB games as a kid
    Hand half-raised. I think of him mostly as being on the Angels.