Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 2001 and 2002 Topps Archives

Big 18-card team set for the Angels in this inaugural 2001 Topps Archives set.
The set was released in two 225 card series.  I read something about each card being numbered twice, but wasn't exactly clear what it meant.
Not about to get a second set of these with different numbers.

Angels in series 1 are the 1967 Jimmy Piersall thru the 1996 Lee Smith.
Series 2 cards are the 1962 Dean Chance thru the 1978 Nolan Ryan Record Breaker.  The 1977 Strikeout leaders with Ryan and Seaver wasn't counted towards the team set, but I included it anyhow.

The idea of the set was to produce a commemorative card from either the players rookie or final season.
Unfortunately the only card that isn't an exact duplicate of the original is the Frank Tanana card.
He was on a 1974 Rookie Pitchers card with 3 other players.
Apparently the 3 other players Topps did not want to show.
Makes for a rather stupid looking card if you know what the 1974 4-player Rookie cards looked like.

Anyhow, a decent selection for the 18 cards in the 2001 Topps Archives set.

Mickey Rivers 1972 Topps gets the nod as the Angels entry for the 2001 Archives Reserve insert set.
If you can't tell by the scan these are of the refractor type.

I also have the certified autograph version of the same card.

Topps picked some winners, in my opinion, for the Angels cards in the 2002 Archives set.
Only 3 Angels though for this edition of 200 cards after such a massive team set the year before.
These cards focused more on the players best years rather than their rookie or final year.

Nice choice again for the 2002 Archives Reserve refractor.

Cool little sets to try to accumulate.
And in my opinion so much more cool that the recent Archives sets.

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