Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Autographs Traded For

I have a lot of autographed cards that I have no other use for but to trade for autographed cards I can use. That's why I like SCN so much: I can make trades.

Another SCN'er reached out asking about 5 cards on my trade list, and shortly thereafter I found 5 cards on his trade list and before you know it I got mine in the mail.

Although I already had autographs of DeWayne Buice and Willie Fraser, I did not have them on 1989 Topps.  For years I hated this set, but as has been the case for a lot of my early baseball dislikes, they came back around and now I'm quite fond of them.
Buice is a spotty signer TTM, but Fraser is pretty reliable.

I tried to get Chris Turner TTM back in 2005 but it turned out to be a failure.
According to SCN he signed a bunch in 2012 bus hasn't signed anything since.
Rather than lose a card in the mail again I figured I'd just trade for one.

As you might know, I finished off the 1984 Topps master set recently.  I was also collecting autographed cards for the set.  These three were autographs I needed.

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