Saturday, September 27, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1970-1992 Kellogg's

So, probably a good 6 months ago I was able to finally finish all of my Kellogg's Angels Team sets.
I didn't want to take the route of posting them a set at a time but had always intended on doing all the sets as one post. I thought it would be more cool like that.  It was a massive and long-time effort to get this collection done.

Unless I missed the post, I think Night Owl was still working on the finishing touches of his Dodgers Kellogg's team sets post as well.  And I know for a fact that his post will be (or was) much more interesting that this will be.  He's much more personal, I'm more of just the facts, Man.

Let's see what Kellogg's provided in the way of Angels cards for 14 straight years, plus 2 more later.

First issue of Kellogg's cards, and a great issue at that.
Single cards came in boxes of cereal, but a set could be had through the mail.
Kellogg's cards are notorious for curling and cracking, that's why I keep mine in hard top-loaders.
Fortunately I found two cards without cracks for this inaugural team set.

These are considered the scarcest of the Kellogg's issues as it was not offered on a mail-in basis.
If you wanted a set of these you bought a lot of cereal.
There were a lot of variations in the information on the backs of this issue as well.
I figured if I have at least one of each Angel I was good for the set.

Less cards in this Angels set and in the set as a whole.
These cards were a bit smaller in size too.
Lots of variations in this set too.

In 1973 Kellogg's took a different path by doing away with the 3-D in an effort to get rid of the cracking a curling problems.
A 54-card set could be had for $1.25 and two Raisin Bran boxtops.
Dang, if I only knew!

Back to the 3-D we all know and love.
Thank you Kellogg's for not giving up on a good thing.
My Nolan Ryan is the worst card of all my Kellogg's Angels.
Hopefully he can be replaced sometime.

These again were a bit scarcer than some of the other issues even though a set could be obtained by mail-in.
The Nolan Ryan cards from Kellogg's were by far the toughest for me to obtain.
Higher prices and lot's of competition on online auctions.

The first 3 cards in the main set were short-printed, but neither of these Angels are one of them.
Kellogg's is starting to deviate from their standard design now too.
The Mickey Rivers card was a tough one to include in the Angels set.
He's not included on most Angels team set lists.
He's pictured as an Angel but the team on back is the New York Yankees the team he would play for in 1976.
I opted to include him.
Shockingly no Nolan Ryan in this set.

Same ol thing here, except this was the last design that had a player photo on the back.
The Grich card has been left off of some Angels team lists since he's in a Orioles uniform even though the back lists his team as the California Angels.
Again, Ryan gets left out.

Tony The Tiger took the place of the player portrait on the back of the card.
Lyman Bostock is pictured in his Twins uniform but his team is listed as California Angels.

First of the narrower designs by Kellogg's.
This made the curling and cracking problems even worse.
Lot's of variations in the stats and copyright logos in this set.
One of my favorite Frank Tanana poses.

Still even narrower.
I like it though, it's part of what makes the Kellogg's issues so unique.
Ryan makes a comeback on a massively over-produced card.
I think I have no less than 5 in my collection, they could be had so cheap.

From skinny to big overnight.
And no mare buying cereal boxes to get the set which was ONLY available as a mail-in.

Kinda getting back to their roots again as far as design, but still only available by mail-in.
Are gone the days of  the excitement to be had by digging to the bottom of a cereal box to reach that card?

The 14th consecutive year for Kellogg's cards.
And they mended their ways by inserting cards into cereal boxes again.
I went from the age of 6 to 19 during that span
That's a lot of cereal Man.

There was also a Kellogg's 3-D set issued in 1991 that featured Baseball Greats, but apparently no Angels fit that category.
This 1992 set featured All-Stars of which Rod Carew was one.
And cards could be found in boxes of Corn Flakes.
This was the last Kellogg's cereal issue.

Now I need to focus on Hostess!


  1. Nice job on the Kellogg's. No easy feat with all of this Nolan Ryan cards!

  2. Awesome post! Just when I thought I was running out of Padres cards to chase. I'm not a "get every card from my favorite team" guy, but it'd be cool to do what you've done here, and I only have two or three of them, so I guess I've gotta get to work.

  3. The last of the Dodgers Kellogg's cards that I need I just viewed in my cart. They're waiting for when I have cash one day. I have no idea what I'll write about once I have them.