Sunday, September 14, 2014

Patriotic Resistance Is Futile

Quick drive-by of my local card shop.  Finding no new baseball junk to go through I caved to my resistance of collecting football cards.  With that said though, I do have a Patriots team collection but not nearly on the scale of my Angels team collection.

I've somewhat limited the Patriots collection to pre-1990 cards, that way I can avoid the unending amounts of inserts and parallels that dominate the later years.  And I don't go gang-busters trying to accumulate them either.  It's more of a hit-and-miss or on a whim effort.  I really dislike going to the card shop and not coming away with something.  That's partly why I gave in and went through the football boxes to pull Patriots.

These were my first cards for the 1985 and 1986 team sets, and I was able to get about half a team set each.  Someday I'll get around to posting a checklist.

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