Saturday, October 18, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 2007 Goudey

Eight cards in the Angels team set for 2007 Goudey.  The backs come in two varieties, red and green.

There's the nine players in the set superimposed over a retro Goudey background.  Someone out there can probably tell you off the top of his head what year Goudey had that background, but I cannot.  1930-something me thinks.

The only subject I would change is Gary Matthews.
Boy we had high hopes for him as an Angel.

And I'm surprised the EPA didn't have something to say about Garret Andersons card showing a belching factory in the background.

Red back variety obviously.

And green.
I think these were produced in the same numbers per color, meaning one color is not more scarce than the other.

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