Sunday, October 26, 2014

This Post Brought To You By Listia

2014 Topps XFractor lot
I got this lot for the Napoli card.
But after seeing these 6 cards in this scan, a whole page of these would look pretty awesome.
Might be worth keeping the rest of them just for that reason.

1997 Score Pitcher Perfect #7
Apparently the photos on this series of cards were taken by Randy Johnson.
Randy really let his creative juices flow when he came up with the unprecedented idea of having Tim Salmon pose holding a...wait for it.....SALMON!
I'm not so sure that's even a salmon.

1963 Topps #231 (actually a photo of Ryne Duren)
Down to seven cards needed to complete this team set.

1972 Topps Hi #656
Classic Topps crooked photography.
Need only three more tough to get high-numbers to complete this one.
I love it when you can find high numbers on Listia.
Ebaers want an arm and a leg for theirs.

2013 Topps Archives Mini Tall Boy MT-AB
Not really a mini, more of a narrowey.
At first I thought this was taller like a 1989 Bowman.
It's not.
It's just narrower than a regular type card.

2013 Topps Archives 1969 4 IN 1 sticker 69S-THBK
Get rid of Braun and this card is pretty cool.

2014 Donruss #256 CJ Cron Rated Rookie
I've seen some of these advertised as SP, not sure about that.

2013 Opening Day ODS-11
Do not adjust your television, blurryness is intended.

2013 Topps Chasing History Autographs CHA-CC
Snagged this Cowgill auto because I need him for the All-Time Angels collection.
Hopefully at some point I can replace this with a certified autograph on an Angels card.

1985 Fleer Team Action Football
I think these are all of the Patriots in the 88-card set.
I especially like the top card.  Great action shot.
That's Tony Eason passing to the TE Derrick Ramsey.


  1. Those x-fractors do look sharp all laid out together like that. Very nice get.

  2. Funny...on that four-in-one sticker, my thought was, "get rid of Harper and that sticker would be cool."

  3. I'm looking forward to when Randy Johnson takes a photo of Mike Trout holding a trout. I wonder if he's made the call yet. You can't tell that guy no. Just gotta go along with what he says.

  4. Nice pickups. Let me know if you want to drop the Darvish. The X-Fractors do look cool together though so you might not want to.