Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Swear Mister, It Was Already Opened

I bid on and won an already opened pack of 2008 Upper Deck X on Listia.

The pack was clearly listed as already opened and the contents were pictured for all to see.
That's why I bid.
I could clearly see what I needed towards the set I'm working on.
No wasting all those credits for cards I already had.
No sense in that.

Lost, however, was the adrenaline rush of ripping a pack to find a gem inside. 
But in this case it was an acceptable trade-off.

Didn't need any of these base cards.
The base set is done.
Always nice to see an Angel in there.

Didn't need this X-Cut.
I only need about 5 more X-Cuts and this wasn't one.

THIS is what I needed.
An XPonential 2 Pat Burrell.

Hi Pat Burrell.
Welcome to my set.


  1. I'm with ya. I like the thrill of busting packs, but in the end I think I'd rather chase down specific cards I need/want.