Monday, December 8, 2014

Oddball Jim Abbott

Reader Mark has been good to me.
From what I can surmise, he obtains complete sets, pulls the Royals teams sets out, then distributes the rest.  I've been the recipient of some pretty cool Angels teams as a result.  I'm talking like slightly off sets, harder to get, not the generic standard sets out there.

At least a month ago, he sent me another package of Angels teams sets and a few misc Angels cards.
Some of those team sets you've seen posts about, "Completed Angels Teams Set....".  And there a several more posts yet to come.

This time I wanted to show the Oddball Jim Abbott cards that came.

1989 Broder?  Pacific Cards?
Not sure.  No distinguishing markings.
But what a great card!

Another 1989 Broder or Pacific?
Different front, most notably the blue bar at the bottom.
But look at the back.
Exactly the same as the one above.

See what I mean?
So while definitely from the same manufacturer, not necessarily from the same set.
I'll have to email Mark to see if he recalls the sets these came from.

1989 Pacific Cards Baseball's Best Five #6

Says so right on the back.

Love these oddballs.