Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Todd Greene Rocks! Times FIVE!

In case you didn't know, I'm a big Todd Greene fan.  I love Todd Greene cards.  In my opinion, Todd Greene has one of the coolest assortments of cards of any player I have come across.  Add a sweet autograph to that and you have the makings of a genuine treasure.

1993-94 Fleer Excel #27

Todd is an excellent TTM signer.  He's fast, he signs multiples, and he signs nicely.
(But just to be sure I included a new blue sharpie with the package, and told him to keep it.)

1993-94 Fleer Excel 1st Year Phenoms #7

I love his cards so much that I can't help but keep sending them to him to sign.
In fact, this was the fourth time I've sent him cards.
The fourth time in 7 years, so about every two years.
And I hate to admit it but I've sent him multiples each time.
Not multiples of the same card, but typically around 3 different cards.
This time I sent five.

1995 Best #9

To let Todd off the hook though, I always tell him keep any or all the cards he wants.
He never does though, so maybe I tell him that because subconsciously I know that I'll get them all back signed.

1996 Topps Future Star #213

Look at that.
What a bitchen card with a sweet blue sharpie autograph.
If he had decided to keep one or all I'd like to believe that I would be cool with that.
He hasn't put me to the test yet though.

1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice #440

Yep, Todd Green hasn't failed me yet.
And I don't think that he will.
Because He is Todd Greene.
And Todd Greene is awesome.

I wonder what cards I'll be sending him next year to sign?
I'm a sorry case I know.

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