Monday, December 15, 2014

The Little Stack Of Odds And Ends

Every so often I start a stack on my baseball hutch of cards that interest me, or are kinda curious, or just plain cool. This post with feature some of those cards. NO rhyme or reason, no order, just a bunch of random cards really.

1980 Topps Sweepstakes Card

I love my sweepstakes cards!
Got this one from a colleague I traded with, he included it with a bunch of 1979 and 1980 Topps cards he pulled towards the sets I'm collecting.
He was surprised when I showed how stoked I was to get it.
He said he'd look for more.
I'll have to remind him again to look because I DIG these.

1990 Topps Company Store/Sweepstakes Card

Yeah Buddy, another one!
Like all good Topps products, there are variations even in these sweepstakes cards.
This is a variation on the yellow and green box in the upper right.
There were a bunch of different Company Store cards inserted into packs.
I'm pretty sure that I have all of these, be looking for a post.

1998 Topps Checklist #503

I don't collect 1998 Topps other than the Angels in the set.
This is not an Angels team checklist.
I just thought that the black box in the upper right was really odd.
I first thought it was one of those magic heat sensitive spots but after holding my thumb down over it for a 30 count it didn't reveal anything underneath.
I held it up to the light, it's not glow in the dark.
You can barely see a baseball logo in the black.
Weird design.

1990 Fleer Checklist #655

Now this one IS an Angels checklist.
I was surprised that I didn't already have it.
Every time I come across a team checklist in the junk boxes, I pick it up.
Too many times I've thought I already had it when I actually didn't.

1983 Topps #449

Made a trade on for this Eddie Milner signed card.
I've completed the 1983 Topps set, now I'm going through and collecting as many of them autographed as I can.

1989 Pro Set Super Bowl XX

Up until 1989 the Patriots had only been in one Super Bowl.
This card commemorates that fateful day (see score).
Nice little addition to Patriots binder though.
And a sweet card.

That takes care of the current stack of random odds and ends.


  1. So does this mean we can start dumping our random checklists on you? ;).

    BTW, your package came in the mail today. Thanks for the A-Rods and Hiroks :)!

  2. Totally remember the Hit-to-Win game cards. Didn't win a damn thing.