Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Highly Subjective Angels

From the Group Trade, like five years ago or something like that.
I know, I'm slow.

2002 Topps Gallery

2002 Topps Gallery Nolan Ryan Baseball Bucks NNO
Okay this is really cool.

2002 Topps Stadium Club

And a Tim Salmon Gold Parallel.

1996 Pinnacle 

And The Naturals inserts.

1999 Fleer Ultra

And a bunch of other Angels thrown in.

I like.

Oh, and I know that I think I still owe you some stuff in return.
That, I have not forgotten.

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  1. The Darin Erstad Stadium Club card was probably my favorite of the Angels that came out of the boxes. It looks like it got a little bit of that soap scum residue that was on several of the Stadium Club cards - that's kind of a bummer...