Thursday, April 16, 2015

My New Oldest Pocket Schedule

Made my first Skednet trade in over a year last week hoping to get caught up with my Angels pocket schedules.
I had missed out on the second half of 2013 and all of the 2014 schedules.

I didn't net any 2014 skeds in this trade but I did score what is now my oldest Angels pocket schedule.

Angels 1972 Turning Two artwork/Busch back
Love it.
It's a little worn, but that's okay for a 1972.

Oh my.
Now that's some awesome seating chart artwork.
Totally old school.
Note that there's nothing in the outfield kiddies.
The entertainment WAS the baseball game.
Imagine that!

This is the stadium layout I was first introduced to.
And as a Junior Angel we often sat on the Club Level-First base Side.

So like I said, I didn't get any 2014s in this trade but I did get all these others I needed.
A few I have already but with different sponsor backs.

When you're an ate-up team collector you have to have all the different versions.

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