Thursday, May 21, 2015

Angels On Cards Observations

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1989 Topps Hills Team MVPs
Yet another one of those "Don't think I've seen this set before" cards.
Love the design.

2003 Topps Gold Casey Kotchman 1858/2003
2013 Bowman Blue Grant Green 045/500
2015 Topps Gold Josh Hamilton 1823/2015
2015 Topps Heritage Josh Hamilton SP

1. Kotchman playing first base in a neighborhood park somewhere.
2. Grant Green pivots on the Big A.
3. Josh Hamilton gets fingerprinted.
4. Josh Hamilton talks with Arty Moreno (off camera).

2005 Upper Deck Sweet Threads #ST-BC
Not too concerned that Bartolo is missing his lower half.
The pinstrip on the "Angels" uniform is a little concerning though.
The Angels stopped wearing the blue pinstriped uniforms in 2002.
Bartolo played for the Angels from 2004-2007.


1990 Panini Stickers
I under-appreciated Panini stickers for a long time.
Then I grew to love them.
A few yesrs ago I finished (I think) finally getting all the Angels logo/uniform stickers that they put out.
Soon I hope to get a list together of all the Panini player stickers I need.

2006 Bowman Heritage
#132 Lackey, BHP21 Bobby Wilson, 75 Mini Vladdy.
Nice spread.

And a select nine from the large stack of Angels cards that remained.

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  1. I would assume the swatch from Colon's card came from a White Sox uniform and/or a previous team with pinstripes.