Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Last Photo Schedule I Think I Needed

Came from Canada.

In the 90's the Angels issued schedule cards along with pocket schedules.
These nifty schedules measure about 3x8 and could often be found in those brochure racks in local hotels.  That's where I found most of mine.

As far as I can tell, 1990 was the first issue in this series.
Sponsor was Ticketron, Sport Chalet, and Tower Records.
I would have to assume that you could find the photo schedules at those locations as well.
Nine bucks for field and club box seats.
Can you imagine.

This 1991 issue was the last one that I needed and I found it on ebay.
Based on the angle of Lance Parish's mitt and where Jose Canseco is looking, I think Chuck Finley just gave up a bomb.
Sounds like the Angels of the early 90's.
Field and club box seat prices increased by 2 bucks.  

The next several in the series feature really nice player photos.
Ticketron became TicketMaster in 1991 hence the sponsor change in name only.

Big uniform and logo changes for the Halos between 1992-1993.
I'm sentimental towards the uniform of the late 70s into the 80's but I think these are my favorite.

Ah, Tim Salmon makes his appearance on this super-cool 1994 photo schedule.
Another $2 jump in ticket prices.

Chili Davis and his Awesome Power get promoted on the 1995 photo schedule.
Am I not seeing it right?
Why does the upper left calendar say "March/April" when there are no day numbers for March?

What happened to 1996?
Ruined a good thing, that's what happened.
The last of the photo schedule series (that I know of) was a drastic deviation.
You can barely see a ghosted JT Snow on the front and a washed out Mark Langston on the back.
It's cool in it's own way but doesn't really compare to the schedules that came before.

For all intents and purposes I think the photo schedule series ended in 1995.


  1. Canseco hit homers in 4 games against the 1990 Angels - 3 started by McCaskill and 1 started by Blyleven. That's a pop-up