Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Even Card Collectors Trade Pocket Schedules

Came to find out that the Prowling Cat collects pockets schedules too.
I want to say that I already knew that from the distant past, but was pleased to re-find out again.

We hooked up for a trade which included another of our passions, baseball cards.

A handful of Angels that came in the package.
Possibly the first Opening Days cards I've gotten this year.

Forever getting caught up with Angels Minor League affiliates.
Been trying to figure out who that is on the 2000 Erie Sea Wolves schedule but can't find a roster with uniform numbers.

Anyone know of a website where I can find such information?
Card Buzz?  You know your Angel Minor Leaguers.
A little help?


  1. Here you go, it's Trent Durrington: