Sunday, July 26, 2015

3 By 3 Sheets Of LCS Gold

"Gold' is what my LCS guy and I call those boxes of junk that people bring in thinking they have a goldmine of cards to sell.  It always turns out to be 80s-90's junk and nothing but junk...for the most part.
He says that at least once a week he gets a call from someone thinking their Pacific Nolan Ryan card is actually his rookie card, and that they think he's trying to rob them when he says that whole set is worth about five bucks.

We joke that what he buys is junk, but what he sells is GOLD!

Anyhow, he had several new boxes of junk (GOLD to me) to go through today, and man I pulled a ton of stuff I liked.  I like the junk.

GOt a bunch for my player collections.
I've been starting to pull out Tanana cards, he's my latest player.

I was pretty pleased to get the Olerud silver signature, the '93 Leaf Bo Jackson, and the '93 Topps Gold Patriots card.

Came across lots of Angels cards.
Again, pleased to get a Bo Jackson, especially in an Angels uniform.

These are only representative of the stack of Angels I pulled.
It was a big stack, I don't want to bore you.

I pulled these random cards mostly for bloggers and friends that I know would like them.
You may be the lucky recipient of one of these cards.

Given the amount of cards I went through, there were surprisingly few of these.
That Starquest has a scratch-off on the back.
It was only by chance that I turned the card over to discover it.
Didn't know there were Starquest scratchers.

Another representative sample, this time for Topps Glossy All-Star cards.
I pulled nearly a whole 1983 set (although I already had one) and close to a full 1986 set.
And a bunch in between.
Need to get a wantlist together for these now.

Found two really nice miscut cards.
Roy Lee Jackson is wondering what the hay is going on?

Got a really nice stack of checklist cards: several full sets and some that allowed me to complete several sets.

The total stack of cards I pulled was about six inches worth.

That's a good day.


  1. Looks like a great day of digging

  2. There's a certain blogger out there drooling over those miscuts!