Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nolan Ryan Had The Keys To The Batters Box

Trade post from Key To The Batters Box

Dan hit up my players collections to return some great cards.
I don't have a HAVE/WANT list for any of my player collections except for Tim Salmon, so it's hit and miss as to what I actually need.

First up is Nolan Ryan, and Dan included some great new inserts and some even greater odd balls.
That 1993 Spectrum card is a promo, and one that I hadn't seen before.

I've mentioned it before but I loved picking up these odd ball, promo cards at card shows in the 80's.

Nice batch of classic late 80's early 90's Classic cards.
Included with these Nolan Ryans were an additional 30 more.
I think Dan cleaned out his Nolan Ryan closet for me.

Lone Tim Salmon in the bunch.
Nice 1993 Upper Deck Star Rookie.

I have a love/hate thing going on with 90's Classic.
Some days I love them, others I can't stand them.
John Olerud on Classic though I will always love, like these two from a small stack of Oleruds in the package.

Wally Joyner made the cut with this 1987 Classic Green and
1991 Denny's Grand Slam among several others.
I always like the 1987 Classic Green.
My all-time favorite Classic is the 1987 Yellow.

Reggie is not on my list of players I collect, but I did need this 1987 Classic Green for the team set.

These two cards were listed as needs on my Other Sets tab.
Now I need only 2 more holograms to go to complete this inaugural 1991 Upper Deck Football Set.

 Thanks Dan for some great cards.


  1. Glad you liked everything. Thanks for the trade!

  2. That 87 Classic Reggie is a nice looking card