Friday, July 3, 2015

Stickin It, To The Man - Completed Team Set

Picked this up at my local junk mall.  Passed it up a week or so ago, but went back today to get it, couldn't resist knocking out another Angels team set in one shot.  Plus, it was only 4 bucks.

1990 MLB Baseball Players Trivia Sticker Complete Set Kit
It was out of it's plastic encasement, about 17 sheets of player stickers were loosely crammed inside so I was hoping they would all be there.  Well, all the Angels at least.

You've all seen these before.
Here is the Angels page.
Nice spread of Wally Joyner reaching (but no ball is in sight yet) to get a sliding...Marcus Lawton?
According to Baseball Almanac, Lawton as well as Rickey Henderson and Deion Sanders wore #24 in 1989.
I think it's Rickey.  And Rickey probably thinks it's Rickey.

This is what the sticker sheets look like.
Pretty small stickers with even smaller pictures.
Players names were in alphabetical order.
It turned out that I had all the sheets except for the 2 Ken Griffey Jr stickers that someone had cut out and kept.  Jerk.
But that means that I also had all the Angels stickers I needed and that is all I really cared about.

Oh the joy.
My completed Angels Team Set.
There were separate pages for Team Crests and for Young Stars but I wanted my team set all together so I put the crest on the left and the Kirk McCaskill Young Star sticker on the right.
Looks pretty good.

I have no desire to stick all the other team stickers in the album, and I may end up separating the Angels pages from it as well.

Now what to do with all those other team stickers.
What to do, what to do.

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