Monday, June 29, 2015

That One Card I Wanted On TMT

I've been getting some good cards I needed recently on Trade Me Tuesdays over at
Johnny's Trading Spot.
If you're unaware of TMT, John puts up 10 scans of usually 9-card lots that he'll trade you for just one or two cards off his massive want list in return.  As a scan of cards gets chosen a new one takes it's place.  I've found it pretty easy to pull cards he's needed.

The latest 9-card scan I made dibs on was this one:

1988 Topps Rite Aid Team MVP's
Not collecting this box set, but there was one card in there I needed:

This one!

Great card!
There seems to be an endless supply of Wally Joyner oddballs out there and I love coming across them.

Looking forward to next Tuesday!

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