Thursday, June 11, 2015

Zipped Again

Trade post from Zippy
Here's a nice selection.

1961 Topps #457
Vintage Johnny James in a blasted Yankees uniform, windbreaker sleeves showing.
I can't imagine that was very comfortable.
I always hated wearing a windbreaker.

2014, 2015 Bowman
All needed cards here.  
I've slacked off tremendously in buying packs the last couple years.
Consequently my Angels needs are increasing and my trade boxes are slowly dwindling.

2011 Playoff Contenders Cracked Ice 295/299
2012 Topps Pro Debut Gold 31/50
Scan didn't pick up the cracked ice, but man is it COOL!
Baker is now in the Rockies organization, and Frazier Hall is now in an independent league.

Chrome and Chrome Refractors
That Jordan Walden is a nice low number 023/150.

Trout Perspectives: head-first sliding, laughing, dirty, serious, on fire, feet-first sliding. 
What is that behind Trout anyhow?
Wall of fire?
Dead Sea Scroll?

And the always present in a Zippy package, the Sega Card-Gen cards.
Zippy is my sole provider for these.
Vladdy is a 2008 Upper Deck Kelloggs Japanese.
Cereal box pull?


  1. The Kellogg's issues were included with cereals for a few years. I've started collecting them - each set is pretty small and not too uncommon.

  2. The Trout perspectives bit made me laugh out loud for real. By the time he retires he'll probably have enough photographs for some other Trout fan to start a blog called The Many Facets Of Trout.

    Glad you liked the cards :).