Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nice Surprise Stealing Home

Trade post from Stealing Home

Trading is nice isn't it?
Receiving is equally as nice.
I don't send in order to receive, but I do like receiving.
Receiving without sending anything first is just plain awesome.
I'm not an attention seeker but it sure is cool when a collector thinks of you and sends you something out of the blue.

Oscar from Stealing home sent me these (and some others) from out of the blue.

2012 Allen & Ginter's Mini Black Framed Jersey AGR-HC
Hank Conger, to wonder what might have been.
I liked Conger, I did.
But after 5 years and 251 games Hank batted only .224 with 17 home runs.
His Similarity Score best matches Rene Rivera.
Who is Rene Rivera?

2005 Topps Pristine Legends #110, 1700/1999 and #79
Oh, these are really cool cards.
They're like plastic and all shiny and stuff.

2011 Limited Greats Signatures #38, 348/499
Oh again.
Devo is a tough autograph for the Angels collector.
I don't even think he does appearances.
So even though it's not the best shot of him, I dig having a Devo certified autograph.

1996 Topps #427
There's an Angel on this prospects card, Tim Harkrider.
Let's look at these rookies and see how Tim's MLB career compares to the others on the card.
Rey Ordonez - 9 years, 973 games
Neifi Perez - 12 years, 1403 games
Enrique Wilson - 9 years, 555 games
(see where I'm going with this?)
Tim Harkrider - 0

Still a Tim Harkrider rookie card though.

And a bunch of oldies.
I love how Ellis Valentines ENTIRE uniform is airbrushed in.
And is that really a good stance for bunting Mr Schofield?

Thanks Oscar, nice cards.

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  1. I really thought that Devo auto was gonna hit the spot for you.
    Had no idea he's a hard autograph catch. Glad you've got one now :)