Monday, June 8, 2015

Looking For The Rest Of These

2000 Upper Deck Baseball, The Upper Deck Collection  Sweepstakes cards.

Inserted in 2000 Upper Deck baseball packs.

Fill in the back, drop it in the mail, win a piece of baseball memorabilia.
If it were only that easy.

Anyhow, you all know that I love sweepstakes cards, and now I'd like to try to finish this 10-card set.

I already have these:

So according to the list, these are the cards I'll need:
Juan Marichal 1971 Giants Jersey
Babe Ruth Game-Used Red Sox Bat
Don Drysdale 1968 LA Dodgers Jersey
Lou Gehrig 1927 Road Jersey
Mickey Mantle Game-Used Bat
Babe Ruth Final Appearance Bat

I noticed a difference on the backs: the Reggie Jackson card includes a line to write-in your email address, the other cards I have don't include this.
Not sure if this is a variation or not, but if there's a Reggie card without the email address line, I'll have to have it as well.
I'm anal that way.

And here's an odd little fact:
Someone actually had one of these graded.



Any help with these cards will be met with cards sent in return. 


  1. I was cleaning out an old box and saw those the other day... (goes to find them). I've got 9 of the 10. I probably have the 10th (Lou Gehrig 1927 Road Jersey) somewhere as well, just need to dig for it. They're all yours if you'd like them. :)

  2. PS: My copy of the Reggie jersey does NOT have an email address line.

  3. No problem. :)

    I thought I had your address but I can't seem to find it. Drop me an email with it and I'll send those your way next week.