Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Completed Angels Team Set - 1970, 1971 Topps Scratch-Offs

Topps loves the game cards.
This was a foldable scratch-off game card featuring 24 different player mugshots on the front.
Jim Spencer is the only Angel in this set. 

Unfolded the card requires a coin to scratch off the black boxes revealing a baseball "action".
Try to avoid getting 3 outs!

You can keep score on the back of the card.

This same set came out in 1971 with the same players, the difference being the 1970 cards have a white center (as shown above) and the 1971 a red center.

Here's my 1971 Jim Spencer with the red center:

I also have a copy that's scratched off, to show you how the game worked:

I would have to assume that the order of actions are different per card.
Otherwise the game would always end up in a tie!

Now all of you who gave away your dupes of these without opening them up to see two different variations are kicking yourselves.
I actually had this 1971 red version in my giveaway box, as a dupe for the 1970 card, for a long time.

Scratch-offs are so cool.

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  1. I've looked at and collected these for years and never played the game