Saturday, October 3, 2015

Completed Set - 1989 Fleer Logo Stickers

Twenty-seven stickers in the first set.
One sticker per team for the large logo sticker series.

The back of each card has a history of the team who's logo is featured on the front.
There were no variations in the large logo sticker series.

 However, there are variations in the smaller 4-team stickers.

There are actually only 12 cards in this set, but I'm showing 17.
You can see that several cards have the same 4 teams on the front.
That is due to there being multiple team history backs.
For example, on the last two cards shown one has a Pirates back and the other a Padres back.

This is the complete set including the variations.

Thanks to Fleer Sticker Project for documenting the variations.

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  1. Congratulations! Fleer stickers rule. I'm always using Fleer Sticker Project's website as a resource. Such an awesome blog.