Sunday, October 18, 2015

Patriots Gameday Autographs

Won these autographed 4x6 index cards on a couple recent Listia auctions.

John Mazur was the Patriots Head Coach from 1970-1972.
He started as an assistant coach to Clive Rush in 1969, and took over as Head Coach after Rush resigned in November of 1970.  He went 9-21 in his tenure with the Pats.

Rod Rust was the Patriots Defensive Coordinator from 1983-1987 and became their Head Coach for one season in 1990.  In his only season as a head coach in his career he went 1-15 with the Pats.

I may end up using these as cut autographs on custom cards since I'm not Wayne.

Who out there makes custom cards on consignment?


  1. I could probably help you out with your customs needs in exchange for either $ or cards. Drop me an email if you wanna shake something out.

  2. These two gives live in infamy in these parts.