Sunday, November 29, 2015

10-0 Patriots Gameday Autographs

Two returns for Week 12.  Not the best quality of autographs unfortunately.
But I count them as good successes.

Ray Hamilton 1977 Topps #334 and 1981 Topps #396
Ray "Sugar Bear" Hamilton hit me with a dried-up mushy marker.
Ray was a Patriots Nose Tackle from 1973-1981.
He was drafted out of Oklahoma in the 14th round (342nd overall) of the 1973 NFL Draft.
Ray returned these in 26 days from his home in Windermere, Florida.
He was also kind enough to answer a couple questions for me.

Eddie Hare 1980 Topps #396
Eddie was the Patriots punter in 1979.
He was drafted in the 4th round (106th overall) of the 1979 NFL Draft out of  Tulsa.
I worked with Eddie's brother recently, that's how I was able to obtain his autograph.
Eddie returned this in 10 days from a private address.


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