Sunday, November 22, 2015

9-0 Patriots Gameday Autographs

Game is on tomorrow night, but here's the goods from this weeks mail.

1973 Topps #436

Dave mentioned in a question he answered that the "Pats weren't very good when I was there.  But being traded and [eventually] ending up at the Oakland Raiders - Super Bowl XI!" 

Indeed.  The Pats went 6-8, 3-11, and 5-9 from 1971-1973.

He signed these cards for me in 10 days from his home in Boone, NC.

1976 Topps #166

Allen Carter was a Patriots Running Back from 1975 - 1976.
He was the Pats leading kickoff return specialist in 1975, averaging 25.5 yards and running one back 99 yards for a TD.

I asked Mr. Carter what impact football had on his health, he answered, "Bad knees and a big heart!"

Signed in 14 days from his home in Oceanside, CA.

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