Monday, November 9, 2015

A Sampling From Infield Fly Rule

Represented here is a sampling of the nice stack of Angels cards recently sent from Infield Fly Rule.

Mike Butcher 1993 Topps Stadium Club #407
New Angels GM Billy Eppler fired Pitching Coach Mike Butcher as one of his first moves.
It's speculated that it actually the doing of Arte Moreno.
Butcher spend the last 9 seasons as the Halos pitching coach.
Either way, I always liked him.

Harold Reynolds 1994 Collectors Choice #384
The guys on my local sports radio station have nothing good to say about Harold Reynolds as a broadcaster.
I actually like him, and appreciate all that he adds to a game.

Jim Abbott 1994 Stadium Club #516, 1994 Collectors Choice #450, and 1993 Leaf #253
I like Jim Abbott.  I do not like the Yankees.
I'm glad Abbott threw a no-hitter, sorry that he did it with the Yankees.

Garret Anderson Upper Deck Etchings Bat Relic #BE-GA, 243/250
Super cool card with a wood-burned disk from an actual bat.
Shiney gold foil.
Busted middle finger.

Jimmy Garoppolo 2014 Prestige #252
The next Tom Brady took the snap on 3 or so plays last week.
Didn't pass the ball though.
Good to see him get a little action.

At first I thought uh-oh, these were included by mistake. Took me a good two or three times through the stack to figure out they were included because of the Angels in the background.
Sharp eye there IFR.


  1. Adam has an incredible eye! He stumped me recently with a card. I believe it's time for me to send a stack your way. Working on packaging a few mailers now. :)

    1. Cool. I'm incredibly behind on returns, but I do have a list.

  2. Jimmy G. Came in to take a knee last week