Monday, January 4, 2016

Cards From A Card Papoy

A little while back The Card Papoy offered up a bunch of different lots of cards.  I selected and received a lot of cards featuring Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders.  I have a Bo Jackson player collection so I was excited to get a bunch more cards towards that effort.

I picked only 9 from the stack of Bo Jackson cards to feature.
The other stack of Deion Sanders cards have been forwarded to another collector with a Deion PC.

Kevin also included a bunch of other Angels in the package, including these niceties:
2000 Fleer Showcase Fresh Ink Certified Autograph

2010 Allen & Ginter's Framed Mini Red Bat Relic AGR-THU

2007 Upper Deck Game Materials UD-VG

Thanks Kevin.


  1. That Troy Glaus is cool, gonna have to track down some of that set.

    1. Yeah, it's my first fresh ink and I think my first troy glaus autograph.

  2. I agree with Jeff. The Fresh Ink autos were very sharp.

  3. Kevin is a superb trading buddy! Nice Glaus ink!