Thursday, January 7, 2016

Recent Acquisitions

Auctions I've won on Listia, to fill some needs.

1995 Upper Deck SP Championship Series #158
Always youthful Wally Joyner.

1986 Fleer Checklist #655
Angels checklist to go with the team set.
I wanted this card that was in a 4-card lot of 1986 Donruss simply because it was a checklist card.
It wasn't until I received it that I realized the Angels were on the back, and that I needed it for my team set.

1993 Skybox
I offered the seller 4500 credits for 8 of the Patriots cards they had listed individually, even though I only needed these 5.  They rejected the offer.
I ended up winning these 5 for a total of 498 credits.
I think I made out the better on that deal.

2015 Topps Whatever Works WW-11
For the Napoli Player Collection
Naps headed where now? Cleveland?

1994 Panini Baseball Stickers #5
And a hard-to-scan Panini sticker for the Olerud Player Collection.

2014 Prizm BH16 and 2014 Finest #116
Still waiting for Jimmy's big break.

1987 Fleer #641
You never know you still need these multi-player cards until you come across one and have to run to the team binder to see if you have it.
They don't often show up in team sets or team checklists.
I creased it when I pulled it from the envelope.
Good times.

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  1. 4500 Listia credits is equal to what in $$? After joining Listia, I decided I really didn't understand the process. Most everything I checked out seemed overpriced. Glad you did better with the bidding.