Friday, January 15, 2016

Recipient Of A JBF Bombing

JBF Bombing #4
What a privilege to be the recipient of one of Wes's bombings.

I picked out a handful of my favorites from the two team bags full of bombage.

1996 Leaf 22 Kt Gold is numbered 1752/2500
2005 Leaf Passing Through Time Press Proof Blue 56/75

1981 TCMA The 1960's Rick Reichardt

Numbered parallels and inserts.
Chuck Finley 1999 Pacific Prism Holographic Gold 372/480
Rod Carew 2004 Donruss Throwback Threads 0280/1000

Todd Greene!
1998 Topps Minted In Cooperstown #382.
Super-stoked about this one.

1986 Fleer League Leaders #4
1985 Fleer Logo Sticker
Yet another new Fleer box set Angels card I needed.

1984 Topps Sweepstakes card
Super-stoked again.
I love sweepstakes cards.

And Checklist!

Man, all the stuff I love Wes, thanks!

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  1. Oh how I miss the days of collecting Topps Sweepstakes runs. Great stuff by the most generous blogger around.