Monday, March 27, 2017

Trade Mail From Baseball Every Night

It was only recently that I had contact for the first time with Peter from Baseball Every Night and we worked out a trade. I just can't recall how it all started. I think I may have left a comment on one of his posts about his going through some binders of cards he had come into and letting us all know that many of the cards were for trade. I made a claim on a few cards, and here we are.

1991 Fleer Team Logo Sticker
It's interesting that I received this card. Not because I don't have it already, I do, but because the very next trade package that came in after this one included the variation of this card.
I'll talk more about that when I do the post for that package.
Nonetheless (one word?) I love these Fleer logo cards.

1990 Donruss Diamond Kings #10a Brian Downing Reverse Negative (left)
I was stoked when Peter asked if I'd be interested in this card.
Shoot yeah!
I included the card on the right from my collection to show the difference.
This card reminded me that Brian Downing had another error card, his 1991 Upper Deck that had his "DH" position missing from the little base in the lower left.
Great to now have the two Downing errors I know of. 

2016 Topps Gold #681, 0016/2016
This sweet card and the Downing were accidently left out of the original package Peter sent, so he graciously popped them in a PWE and dropped them in the mail as well.
I like this style of the gold parallel much better than those in the past.

1992 Fleer #701 Tiger Tandems
1989 Classic Purple #157
These are two of the cards I had asked for on Peters posts.
I wanted them for my unofficial Bo Jackson collection. Unofficial because I have a hard time passing up a Bo Jackson card, but I don't really need another "collection". 
You know what I mean?

Sweepstakes and Game Cards
For my collections of course.
Glad for the Jackson, not because it's Reggie Jackson but because...

(on the right) its a special card. Not sure how to classify these, is it an "information" card?
Regardless, it's a NNO card, not a part of any real set.
And that's what I like.

1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan
Believe it or not, I'm collecting this series which typically end up in most collectors or dealers junk boxes. I've seen them everywhere, and they're easy to come by, I just never put a checklist together, until recently.
Obviously these were three that I needed.

Checklist Cards
Another of my varied collecting interests.
I'm sure there's at least a few in here that will help complete their sets.

What was also great about this trade is that all Peter wanted in return was Darryl Strawberry and John Kruk cards. I was glad to have a nice stack, and many he could use.
Thanks again for the trade Peter, I like all the stuff.


  1. That Phillies scratch-off game card is from the 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack set. I used to have a ton of those, and I'm pretty sure I scratched most of them off to see what they were like. It was kind of fun; amusing that Upper Deck had no problem making some players go 0-4 with 4 K's.

  2. Peter is a super generous trader - looks like he sent quite the haul your way!

  3. Tom! This is a really very nice post. I'm so glad that the cards filled some needs, or even if they were superfluous, that they are appreciated now more so than when I had them.

    Tony! You're too kind. I might have to send you some cards for that comment.