Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Card So Cool I Couldn't Wait

I started a new PC for Vladimir Guerrero. I already have many Angels cards of him as part of the team sets, but I decided I'd open it up, add him to the PCs, and start getting his "other team" cards (Expos, Rangers and Orioles). I've been picking them up slowly on Listia, I'm not a get-all-I-can-now, throw-a-hundred-bucks-at-sportlots and purchase-a-huge-bulk-of-cards-all-at-once kinda guy.

So this card I recently won on sportlots is one of the coolest cards I've ever seen, and I had never seen it before. So cool in fact that I decided to give it it's own post rather than wait and include it on the end-of-month Listia report post, like I usually do with my Listia winnings.

Here it is:
1997 SP Inside Info #14

 Lots of shiny foil caught my eye.
Here's the back:
More shiny foil and great action shots.

But wait till you see what it does:
 You grab the little notch with your thumb and pointer finger and pull out the info card!
How cool is that!

One of my favorite things as a kid, and still are now actually, are pop-up books.
I especially liked the ones with a tab you would pull to make something move on the page.
This card is right up that alley.

The card is little worn, but that's okay with me.
This is the first time I've had one of these and I'm very happy to have it.