Friday, February 9, 2018

Erstad's Baseball Card Breakdown

Back in January, Gavin posted a crap load of cards he hauled in from a card show that were available for trade. I picked out a few, Gavin mentioned he'd throw in some more Angels as well, and shortly after that the package arrived.
Wow, that's much more than I expected.
You can see the Piersall card I had picked out from his card show haul.

2003 Topps Retired Signature Jim Piersall Autograph Uncirculated
Super Sweet! This is my first uncirculated autograph and I have to say that it's pretty cool sitting in that heavy, sealed slab. The only other uncirculated autograph in the set, for the Angels, is Jim Abbott's card. I'll have to seriously consider that.

As I soon found out, the bulk of the other Angels cards in the box were all of Darin Erstad. Unfortunately I didn't count them before I sorted them but there's like at least 200 different Erstad's in there. And surprisingly I needed almost all of them. It's weird but he was the one guy my team sets were severely lacking.

I picked out some to show.
1997 Fleer Ultra Rookie Reflections #3

1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond #1

1997 Metal Universe #40

1997 Topps Gallery #147

2003 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor #336, 235/449

There were other Angels besides Erstad, like this sweet
2005 Donruss Classics Membership MS-17, 37/50

And this nice Troy Glaus relic
2005 Upper Deck First Pitch Fabric GU-TG
Even though this is a Diamondbacks card, Glaus is shown in an Angels uniform, and I have to assume that the fabric is from an Angels jersey; therefore, he's a keeper.

 The only team set I'm collecting other than Angels, is the 1960 Topps (and 1954 Bowman) sets for the Dodgers.
I was recently considering abandoning the 1960 effort, but when I saw these two cards available I was reinvigorated to continue on trying to complete the team set.
In an effort to make the large team set easier to accomplish however, I decided that I will not include the World Series cards as part of the team set. There's just too many of them.

Gavin included these really nice customs as well.
I had to go the baseball-reference to make sure that Vladdy had actually played on the Blue Jays.
But then I turned the card over, and it said right there:
"During 2012, Vlad hit .358 while in the Blue Jays minor league system."
Always read the back of the card first kiddos!

Thanks Gavin!


  1. Love that picture of Erstad bunting on the 1997 Gallery card. Exactly how I was taught to do it, but boy does it hurt when one comes inside.

    Gavin does great work on his customs!

  2. I never get sick of seeing those Retired Signature autos. And you've got some of my favorite designs in there too like Black Diamond and Gallery. No surprise Gavin killed it with the customs once again!

  3. Glad you like!

    As for 2003 Topps Retired, in addition to Piersall and Jim Abbott, there are also Angels uncirculated autos of Fred Lynn and the big one, Nolan Ryan.

    The Erstads came from fellow blogger Marcus, who collected him for a while, but while downsizing his collection, dumped them on me while sending me some other stuff. I didn't really have any use for them, but happy they've found a good home!

  4. Lots of great goodies here. That Gallery Heritage Erstad is sweet. The gold refractor is too. But I think the Hostess Trout takes the cake.