Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ever Wonder...About A Trade With Card Buzz

Received a nice block of cards I collect from Card Buzz recently.
Here's a few of the highlights.

2012 Topps Pennant Ever Wonder...
Chipping away at this set, still need 13 more teams to complete.
Not as easy to come by as you'd think!

1991 Classic Draft Picks
Both a Certificate AND a checklist.
I wonder how hot of an item these were back in 1991.
I don't remember thinking that I had to run out and get one before they were all gone.

1991 Topps Instant Win Game 
I have a ton of these cards but I was always lacking the "A" version for some reason.
Nice to now have the A, B, and C versions all at once.
I'm still looking for the "X" winner cards.

Random checklists.

Cards for the Olerud PC and some new Salmon cards.
The Salmon Playstation MLB 99 card is also a Sweepstakes Rules card.

1998 Donruss Playstation MLB 99

At first I thought there was a mistake: I don't have PCs for these players...
But wow some pretty nice rookie cards.

2017 Topps Rediscover Topps Promo/Info Cards
Ah, that's what they are, very cool, I'll have to track the rest of these down.

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  1. Your collecting the '91 Topps Instant Win game cards? I've been sending those out as filler in trade packages for years. Sorry I didn't know until now!