Sunday, April 22, 2018

Blog Bat Around: All Autograph Angels Team

This Blog Bat Around came from Zippy who offers up a great suggestion in highlighting your favorite all-autograph team, from your collection.

I'm an Angels collector, so my team will be only Angels players.

I'm taking a slightly different approach by starting at the very top, the owner:
It's only right to start this with the founder of Angels baseball, Gene Autry.

And if your gonna have a team, you gotta have a Manager to lead them:
Bill Rigney was the Angels first manager.
He didn't have many winning seasons, but I believe he was all heart.

Every good manager needs a great Bench Coach:
Jimmy Reese, beloved by any Angels fan.

 Getting into the Starting Nine, I went more with players I liked the most, not necessarily the best the Angels ever had.

1. Starting Pitcher
Honorable Mention: Dean Chance, Frank Tanana, Jim Abbott, Chuck Finley, Jared Weaver.

2. Catcher
Honorable Mention: Buck Rodgers, Tom Egan, Brian Downing, Bob Boone, Lance Parrish.

3. First Base
Honorable Mention: Rod Carew, Lee Stevens, Mo Vaughn, Albert Pujols.

 4. Second Base
Honorable Mention: Bobby Knoop, Dickie Thon, Mark McLemore, Adam Kennedy, Howie Kendrick.

 5. Third Base
Honorable Mention: Carney Lansford, Doug DeCinces, Gary Gaetti.

 6. Shortstop
Honorable Mention: Dick Schofield, David Eckstein, Erik Aybar.

 7. Left Field

 8. Center Field

9. Right Field
I think Vladdy would have taken one of those spots, but believe it or not, I dont have his autograph!

Outfield Honorable Mention: Leon Wagner, Mickey Rivers, Lee Thomas, Devon White, Gary Pettis, Dave Winfield, Jim Edmonds, Darin Erstad, Chone Figgins, Torii Hunter, Vladimir Guerrero.

 Designated Hitter
I had too many outfielders that I really liked, so I put Salmon in the DH spot.

Honorable Mention: Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, Chili Davis.

 Relief Pitcher 1
Bob Lee was lights out for the Halos in the early sixties.

 Relief Pitcher 2
The Angels dominating closer in the 80's-90's.

Honorable Mention: Mike Witt, Scot Shields, Francisco Rodriguez.

One of my all-time favorites to see coming into a game.

 And you can't have a game without an announcer:
The Best Ever.

Good idea Zippy.


  1. Nicely done! I included announcers in mine too. Love having the owner! Ni ce touch.

  2. Great mix of older and newer Angels here. The Trout and Ryan are very impressive (I Love that SI cover) but the Enberg is fantastic as well. "Oh my!" indeed.

  3. Trout and Salmon on the same team at last.

  4. An owner and announcer. Bar raised again. Great team!

  5. Extremely impressive autos and post! Love the range of Angels autos/players and the inclusion of an owner, bench coach and announcer. I especially enjoyed Dick Enberg's calls of Rams games.

  6. An owner, bench coach and announcer... you really outdid yourself! Yours was the second one I read this morning that had Bobby Grich. :-)