Friday, April 6, 2018

Great Card, Bad Scan

Trade Post From The Lost Collector

Got a little package from AJ recently, that included this sweet card:
1994 Gold Leaf Rookie #17
I love Gold Leaf Rookies, I hate that my scanner won't pick up the gold foil.
These inserts could be found in about 1:18 packs, so not an easy pull.
The lone Angel card in the set is this one.
Not a great crop of rookies in this set, Manny Ramirez would probably be the best one.

AJ included a nice selection leaning towards Tim Salmon as well.

Thanks for the cards!


  1. I feel your pain. One of the players I collect (Russ Davis) is in the same insert set. I can't make that card look good.

  2. Glad you got them. Most were from the random binder of cards I recently found at a thrift shop. I figured it was a decent assortment of Angels to send your way.

  3. Dang scanners. I spent 10 minutes today trying to get a good scan of this refractor I just purchased. Never ended up getting one that turned out okay.