Saturday, July 7, 2018

A One-Carder From All Cardinals

Has the Ohtani hype slowed down now that he’s been on the DL? You heard about that right? Ohtani suffered a UCL sprain in his pitching elbow at the start of June.  Potentially he could still hit, so Scioscia considered still using him in the DH spot. Well, he's back now, and his hitting is right where he left off; however, he might not pitch again this year.

Still, most folks are hanging onto their Ohtani cards, maybe thinking they have a goldmine, hoping Ohtani fully comes back and still has massive success and his cards skyrocket like Trout’s rookie card. 

Not Ray though. He offered his Ohtani up because Ohtani doesn’t play for the Cardinals; therefore, Ohtani doesn’t fit his collection. Simple.

My reason for desiring the card is equally as simple: Ohtani is an Angel, and I’m an Angels team collector. Value doesn’t matter in this case, actually it counts against me, making it harder to complete team sets that have an Ohtani (or Trout) in them. And there’s another reason: I’ve been striking out big-time on pulling any Ohtani cards, and the gross lack of product in my area makes it even tougher. So, fortunately, when Ray put his card up for dibs, I was able to be the first to respond.

Not a fancy chrome refractor, or purple parallel or anything like that, but still a sweet Ohtani that I didn’t have, and truthfully, didn’t think I’d ever have. So thanks for offering it up Ray. Very much appreciated.

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