Thursday, July 19, 2018

It's What's Inside That Counts

My sister visits a few times a year and she always brings us stuff when she does. She knows I like baseball and aviation so she usually brings me related stuff that she's found at thrift stores and such. Recently she brought me this vintage kids baseball chapter book.

1956 First Edition
Cool vintage book, but the real goodies were inside, and I didn't discover them until after she left.

An opened pack of 2017 National Baseball Card Day, Angels cards.
I'm assuming these cards were distributed regionally, and since she lives in Southern Cal...the Angels!
I'm also assuming that she's the one that put these in the book and not that they were overlooked by the person that donated the book in the first place.
The card numbers are ANG-3, ANG-5, ANG-7, and ANG-8 which indicates they were the stadium give-away (4-card pack + info card) and not the card shop give-away. The Angels team set is a set of 10 cards, the packs being given out on Aug 16, 2017. 

Back to the book:
Basically, Little Billy is running around town finding or borrowing baseball memorabilia for the annual Hobbies Display at school. Didn't read to find out if he ever returned the items or if he hawked them on ebay.

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