Saturday, July 28, 2018

Found At My Local HPB

I love having a Half Price Books nearby, I usually stop in about once a week. Scored a couple old Sports Illustrated on a recent trip. And all magazines are just a buck.
Sports Illustrated March 15, 1982
Stoked to get this one as I'm working on getting all the Angels covers, and this was one I needed.
It's in really nice shape too, "gently read" if you will.

Here's all the Angels covers, I still need to find the following in red:
May 1971 Jim Fregosi "Oakland Takes Over The West"
July 1971 Alex Johnson "Fallen Angel"
June 1975 Nolan Ryan "The Great Nolan Ryan"
April 1977 Jor Rudi "The Free Agents"
July 1979 Nolan Ryan "How Close It Was"
March 1982 Reggie Jackson "Hark the Heralded Angel Swings"
June 1983 Rod Carew ".400!"
October 1986 Grich/DeCinces "The Comeback Playoffs"
November 2002 John Lackey/Team "Answered Prayers"
December 2002 Angels Insert Photo "Stories of the Year"
February 2003 Mike Scioscia/Team "Baseball Sweet Baseball"
March 2012 Albert Pujols "Power Shift"
February 2012 Mike Trout "Supernatural"
March 2014 Mike Trout "Powered Up"
May 2014 Mike Trout "The Best Beyond the Shadow of a Trout"
March 2017 Mike Trout "MLB Preview"
March 2018 Mike Trout/Shohei Ohtani "MVP"

Sports Illustrated August 9, 1982
Also picked up this sweet Dale Murphy cover.
I've always been a Murphy fan, and even toyed with the idea of adding him to my Player Collections.
Not ready to make that commitment yet though.
I picked it up with the intent of getting it signed TTM, but according to SCN it appears he doesn't sign as reliably as he used to, so I probably wont send it through the mail.


  1. I go to HPB all the time, but I never thought to look through their magazines for baseball stuff. I'll have to give it a shot next on my next trip.

  2. Dug through my back issues w/baseball covers, I have a Carew .400. Will shoot you an email. I was real excited when HPB opened a store one town over from me, didn't have to go all the way to Berkeley any more!

  3. Never once thought about collecting ever single SI issue with an Oakland Athletic on the cover. Hmmm. Decisions. Decisions.