Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Rodfather of the Daily Giveaway

We've all seen by now, Rod's daily giveaway posts, something I thought would run maybe a week or so. But here we are almost two months later and Rod is still going strong. And I for one get excited looking forward to the days post, racing to see if I need a card, trying to beat others to comment on it first. Super generous of Rod, and great fun!

I don't know if you've noticed but Rod has been using some pretty cool stamps too. 
These 29c World War II series stamps came out in 1993-1994. I imagine Rod has a stash of old unused stamps around. I used to collect stamps, but eventually I used all my stamps on TTM autographs, kinda like Rod is using his to mail out the free cards. Pretty cool to see them attached to an envelope addressed to me.

So far, through the Free Stuff program I've been able to claim several cards, gain some extras that Rod threw in, and even make a trade. Here's what I received so far.

2020 Topps #125
This one was a knee-jerk reaction, because I saw it, panicked, and thought I needed it so I claimed it.
Turned out I already had it, but that's okay. I'm sure I'll pass it on at some point.

1991 Pro Set #150
Very happy to have a Parcells autograph. I needed one for the Patriots collection. Parcels was the Pats linebacker coach in 1980, and head coach from 1993-1996. The auto is on a Giants card, but I'm good with that. He was also head coach for Air Force in 1978 which makes him even more cool.

97-98 Fleer Million Dollar Moments #2
Another card closer to this set I'm collecting.

1998 Upper Deck #135
I just missed out on a couple other sweet Vladdys that Rod was offering, but I was able to snag this one for the PC.

1991 Stadium Club Members Only
Didn't realize these were NNO cards, but a nice addition to the Ryan PC.

BTW, do you say Topps Stadium Club
or just
Stadium Club?

2020 Gypsy Queen #300
I was able to buy only a few packs of cards before the self quarantine, and I've only really wandered outside to walk around the block, so it's nice to get some of this years Angels cards.

These I think were all throw-ins, the Angels in the 1987 Fleer Award Winners set.
And if anyone can positively identify the umpire behind Mike Witt, I'll send you a PWE of cards.

All of these Nolan Ryans were extras Rod threw in.

The Vladdys were part of a trade Rod and I set up. He needed some autograph cards for his Autograph Frankenset, and I need some Guerrero, especially after missing out on a couple sweet free ones!
BTW, if you like autographs I have a lot for trade of $1 each under the Autograph Sale tab.

Great stuff Rod, and thanks again for the fun and generosity through the free card days.


  1. That's a good haul from Rod! The uno looks like Larry Barnett to me.

  2. Vlad, Jeter, Nolan Ryan, Trout, Parcells. It's a pity you didn't get anybody good.

    Anyway, I'll guess Don Denkinger. Mainly because he's famous. Ha.

  3. Rodfather. Nice. I like that. I wonder how many PWE's he ships out a week. He's definitely doing his part to keep the USPS in service.

  4. I say Stadium Club. My main thought is that Topps is the only company to make a set named Stadium Club, so why bother throwing their name in front of it? I also refer to other sets as Heritage, A&G and GQ.

  5. Rod has taken the free stuff concept to it's absolute extreme! I say Stadium Club too BTW.

    P.S. Sorry for taking those Vlad's you mentioned, but I just recently started collecting him, and Rod's giveaways have provided an opportunity to grow this new collection.

    1. Lol. No apologies needed. This is all fun! And I probably have Angels Vladdys I can send you.

  6. Those commemorative stamps from Rod are a nice touch.