Friday, April 17, 2020

Trade Mail From Highly Subjective And Dime Boxes, I Think

Okay, so I did it again. Got two trades mixed together, and that bothers me because it's important for me to give credit where credit is due. I have to learn to leave the cards in the envelope until I'm ready to scan, then put them back into the envelope until ready to post. Dang it!

So I'm gonna break this up into three segments: What I (Think I) Know/What I'm Not Sure/What I Know.

What I (Think I) Know Came From Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary.

It was a big envelope, with a box stuffed with team bags. I counted 89 individual cards in the group, and one unopened pack of cards (I'm saving that for A Pack To Be Named Later). Here are some of the highlights:
2019 Topps #345 Walgreens Yellow
I'd call it piss yellow, but I like it. So Walgreens Yellow it is.

If Mike Trout has his picture on a cell phone in the background, then it's a Mike Trout card.

2019 Topps Chrome #181 Prism Refractor
I was really looking forward to see what David Fletcher would do this season.
Hopefully it wont be long before we get it started up again.

Two more towards this Ohtani insert set.
Like I had mentioned, I'm not a fan of the design.

Hey, a #444 card.

I rarely see Topps Pro Debut unless they are sent to me.
Thankful to have these nice prospect cards.

Just a sampling of the game/info cards sent.
I'm working on a set of those 1991 Topps Match the Stats cards, but it's not on my want list yet.

1999 Pacific #1

1992 Rainbow Foods Dave Winfield Homecoming Collection #6
Not only is this card new to me, this issue is new to me. I've never seen or heard of these, so cool.
The other cards on the 10-card set depict him on other teams he's played for.

Sampling of checklists.

And more info/sweepstakes cards.

Initially these cards above were in one of the bags I was confused about, but then I discovered that two of the cards in the pack were cards I had asked for on one of HSCAs free giveaway posts.
That part of the puzzle was solved.

And miscellaneous Patriots needs.
I have several team sets just lacking one or two cards, these help a lot.

What I'm Not Sure About Who They Came From
2019 Topps Stadium Club Autographs SCA-DF

2019 Topps Chrome #65
These were both in penny sleeves and top loaders, and they're really sweet cards.
But I found separating two stacks of bags, so I'm not sure which stack they went with.
I am fairly confident they went with HSCA's stuff, but I'm not certain.

What I Know Came From Dime Boxes.

1981 Topps Baseball Scratch-Off #18
These came as part of a 3-card strip with different players, and there are different versions of each strip. So you could find Carew on at least two different strips. I have a couple different strips already by not the single card. So this is perfect.

2003 Topps Kanebo Gum #43
Super cool!

2019 Topps Holiday Walmart #HW31
I saw there's a version with ornaments on it?
Man, what's next?

Some really great player collection cards

Now that I think I have that sorted out, I'm second guessing myself on all of it.
Probably got it ALL wrong!

Thanks guys for the great cards.


  1. I used to get trade packages mixed up all the time. Now I save the pictures of the scanned cards as the name of the person who sent them to me so I don't forget when it comes time to write the post. It's helped a lot.

    Glad you liked the cards! Happy I could help with a couple Salmons and other guys you collect.

  2. That's a lot of Trout cards.

    The Japanese Salmon is my favorite of the other ones.

  3. Awesome! The Fletcher stadium club auto was from me, it was my cheeky way of including a "hit" in the re-repack.
    I'm especially glad that those Patriots were needs, I have next to zero football and I was just looking to fill in some space in the mailer.

    There's also a "Gold" parallel of that Dave Winfield, I am not sure I ever completed the gold set, but I had a few copies of the base version!

  4. Piss yellow. Hmmm. Pretty sure that's the first thing that pops into my head every time I see those yellow Walgreens parallels from this point out. And those 1981 Topps Scratch-offs keep popping up on blogs. I have a saved eBay search. Hoping to grab a set eventually.