Friday, February 5, 2021

A Brothers Hand-Me-Down Glove

Another question I would sometimes ask players had to do with the glove they used: their first or their favorite glove, or what their method was for breaking it some really interesting responses to that one! Jerry Staley's first glove was a hand-me-down from his brother. I'm assuming this was when he was a kid, and not in reference to his first major league glove.

Also interesting that he never saw a major league game until he was actually in the majors.

Correspondence receive in February 2003.
Jerry Staley passed away January 2, 2008 (aged 87).

St. Louis Cardinals (1947–1954)
Cincinnati Redlegs (1955)
New York Yankees (1955–1956)
Chicago White Sox (1956–1961)
Kansas City Athletics (1961)
Detroit Tigers (1961)

Career highlights and awards:
4× All-Star (1952, 1953, 1960 (both All-Star games))

Win–loss record 134–111
Earned run average 3.70
Strikeouts 727
Saves 61


  1. Gotta love it when ex-players share a bit of personal info while providing an autograph. Nice post!

  2. Jerry was born in Vancouver (WA), and there were no MLB teams on the west coast before he reached the majors, so it's not really that much of a surprise that he wouldn't have seen a pro game before becoming a pro himself.