Thursday, April 13, 2023

TCDB #25 cards520 and Blogger Trade with Bo

My first 1-for-1 TCDB trade comes from cards520 to whom went a 1987 Classic Yellow McGwire/Davis for this beauty:

1991 Classic Best #1
I knew that I needed card #1 for the set, but only recently realized it was such a cool card.
Down to about 22 cards (and 16 Gold Bonus) to complete this set.

Bo recently posted about some stacks of mostly Fleer he came across at a thrift shop that he was willing to trade off. I claimed a few Angels, and he also included some 1987 OPC that I needed.

Here's the Angels he had available including a Gold version of the Eckstein card. Didn't know there was a Gold parallel to this set before he mentioned it.

I'm growing fonder of Black Diamond cards, and this blood red one is fantastic.

1987 OPC was one of those sets I didn't realize I had close to complete set of until I was entering them into TCDB as traders. Odd that I was missing so many Blue Jays, which makes me think that I received the bulk of these originally from someone who pulled the Jays out and was trading off the rest.

For either the set or the PC, don't know yet.


  1. Glad I could find some cards you needed. I didn’t know about the gold parallels until I started sorting the cards.

  2. Nice Schmidt! He reminds me of one of those guys who looked like they were a grown man since 12. I know he's 21 or 22 in that photo, but I feel like he could pass for 30. Anyways... good luck with that set.